What my clients are saying:

Here are just a few of the letters and emails that I have recieved about my service.

Berit E.

Kristen Foley is great to work with, she is very engaged, tireless and honest. I would hire her again!

The Thompsons

“…you have been such a pleasure to work with and have made our transition so easy.  I really don’t know what we would have done without you….thanks again and we look forward to working with you again in the future…”  -The Thompson’s

Denis S.

“We do appreciate all your help and advice. Your dedication to your profession is exceptional and believe me, I have been around more than a few realtors.” –Denis S.

John S.

“…you are the best Realtor that I've worked in twenty years!  It is a real pleasure to work with professionals who understand the meaning of customer service.  I strongly recommend you…to anyone in the rental, home purchase or sale market.”  –John S.

Ephraim F

"...Throughout the entire process, Kristen provided excellent advice and guided us carefully every step of the way.  She was professional, punctual, patient and very pleasent to work with.  She was indeed a gem!" -Ephraim F.